Temporary Broadband

Our Services

WDCom provides pure broadband wireless internet connections to business and residential customers primarily focusing on rural areas that are considered non-connected or under-connected.

The Ideal Solution For:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses that need an affordable broadband solution.
  • For temporary projects, events, conferences, construction sites and outside venues.
  • To use as a backup internet solution to support your business continuity plan.
  • Businesses that are in between once moves with a temporary once location.


Our fixed wireless solutions offoers superior service with a range of customizable plans according to your business’ digital needs.


The typical time frame for our services to be installed and operational is 7 - 10 days.


Receive the bandwidth you need today knowing you can easily add capacity when you need it, with available speeds that range between 10Mbps and 1GIG.


Our network infrastructure is designed with ingenuity to eliminate downtime, more security and reliability with a 99.999% uptime guaranteed.


Our team of experts possess a great passion for quality of service and support that is unparalleled by any other carrier. We provide 24/7 local support to ensure our valued customers receive an impeccable experience.


  • Our privately owned and fully managed fixed wireless network provides secure, high-capacity connectivity and diversity to virtually eliminate downtime. Backed by an industry-leading SLA, our network can service single or multiple locations - whether its is used for primary internet access or as an alternative backup solution. Without the need to dig trenches or lay fiber at each location, WDCom can get your organization up and running within days, rather than months.

    Our solution can also supplement your existing fiber network to add robustness, scalability, and redundancy to support mission-critical applications.

Why WDCom?

Never play politics with internet connection

Defining new standards of network uptime

The price you start with is the price you keep

Guaranteed 24/7 service after sales

No Installation or Termination Fees.